A Little History

President-elect Donald Trump has selected a group of people around him at the White House who are determined to dismantle health, education and welfare, economic and environmental controls, to boost security spending in this country, and to focus attention on fighting enemies. This will be tantamount to an orchestrated-by-government massive agent provocateur effort, that is designed to create maximal social unrest, and which will then require a military crackdown. All the pieces are being put in place for such a scenario.


I am reminded of how Hitler came to power in 1933. Today most don’t know how it happened – the burning of the Reichstag – and that no one knows who really set the fire. The Communists were blamed immediately and 4,000 of their leaders were arrested overnight. Hitler authorized President Hindenberg to sign emergency legislation which suspended civil rights, authorized arbitrary arrest, imprisonment and death. Less than a week later, a general election was held, and the Nazis used this claim as a way to smear all parties on the left. One election poster encouraged the population to “smash the Communists” and “crush the Social Democrats.”


Always good to know a little history.


On November 19, 2016, a white nationalist conference was held in Washington, D.C. As Nazi salutes were given, Richard Spencer called up old anti-Semitic tropes and maligned the Jewish people, saying: “One wonders if these people are people at all?” Two days later, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum condemned the conference and reminded us that the “Holocaust did not begin with killing, it began with words.”


D. Rogen


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