Bosque Prep Students React to Dennis Ross’ Lecture

Natesa Vaidya, Bosque Class of 2017

I am beyond pleased with my decision to have gone to Ambassador Ross’ lecture because I got the opportunity to learn more about the Israel – Palestine conflict and how the conflict is impacting and bringing in other countries around the world. … Mr. Ross’ personal opinion on the conflict really helped me understand just how international the conflict is and how the Israel – Palestine conflict is more so about identity than it is land. … I am so honored to have been able to attend. I learned more about the Israel-Palestine conflict, how the Middle East is suffering from other conflicts. The relationship between Israel and Palestine has evolved over time because of shared interests and values. I agree with Mr. Ross that the large issue in the Middle East will be resolved after all minorities, such as Christians or Kurds, are accepted and given equal rights.


Annabella Deloach, Bosque Class of 2018

Ambassador Dennis Ross, who worked with two Republican and two Democratic presidents, was a very interesting speaker. … Personally, I loved hearing the first-hand accounts of a man who had seen this conflict up close, and dedicated a good chunk of his life trying to find a way to solve it. The way he brought up all of these points was less like a lecture and more like a story, so he kept my attention, and left me wanting to know more about many of the points. When he brought up all the proxy wars and the emergence of radical groups, one could really see how chaotic and complicated all these issues were, and that no agreement can fix all of them at once. What Ambassador Ross really embodied is someone extremely knowledgeable on a topic and who is open to other suggestions on how to end the Arab-Israeli conflict, so we can move on … to making way for some form of peace in the area. The fact that he spoke on the failures of some administrations gave me a deeper understanding of why the situation in the Middle East is becoming increasingly complicated, but that there is still hope for peace. To create that peace, many parties involved in the conflict need to let go of some ingrained ideas, and move towards a more progressive and mutually beneficial deal.

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