Letter to the Editor

“The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open” Gunther Grass

We have seen and heard exactly what this administration and Congress is going to do the next four years. They are going to alienate us from the entire world; just look at the responses from world leaders to the first few weeks. When our President denigrates federal judges and declares mainstream media liars and conspirators, yet praises and defends a brutal dictator, it’s a sign that the waiting period is over.

As anti-Semitic activities increase around the world, and our own Jewish community centers become targets on a grand scale, I have to wonder why. Clearly the hate speech of the president and the placing of a confirmed anti-Semite in the most powerful seat next to that president, is the primary factor. We, as a Jewish community, must stand up not only to the violence and threats, but to this president; a president whose actions and words are harmful, hateful, destructive and illogical. I’m often told to “just deal with it.” Well, I am dealing with it. Not by sitting back and waiting for the next slap in the face. I’m dealing with it by resisting; resisting with fact checking, intelligent and logical responses to right wing mouthpieces, replying to the administration’s tweets and Facebook posts with factual comments and data, and by not allowing myself to become the docile, meek “loser” that Mr. Trump wants me to be.

Jeffrey Paul

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