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Open Letter to Molly Morris

An open letter to Molly Morris

Dear Molly,

Thank you for your sobering article, “Hate Speech on UNM’s Campus,” which appeared in the December 2, 2016 New Mexico Jewish e Link. And thank you to all the courageous members of Hillel for standing up against the pernicious anti-Israel activism on the UNM campus. We are confronting a phenomenon which has spread across many American and European universities and even the chambers of the United Nations. Indeed, the UN Human Rights Council has passed 62 resolutions condemning Israel since its creation in 2006, more than the rest of the world combined!

The UNM situation is especially difficult because there are so few Jewish students and even fewer Jewish faculty who have taken an interest. However, there are several bright spots. At Indiana University, for example, the Indiana University Student Association passed a resolution on December 1, 2016 condemning ant-Semitic incidents as well as the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. And closer to home, UNM’s International Studies Institute is now planning its second year of lectures in Contemporary Jewish Studies. Unlike Richard Falk (widely condemned for his bizarre views on not just Israel but also the September 11 and Boston Marathon attacks), the lecturers in the UNM lecture series will continue to be respected scholars in the domains of contemporary Jewish affairs, Israel included.

Thank you and best wishes,

George Skadron

Editor’s note: ¬†George Skadron is a Professor Emeritus at UNM

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Molly Morris

  1. Greetings Molly Morris,
    I pray this finds you well and in the best of spirits! I wanted to connect with your site because of what my father saw that brought tears to his eyes. My father is now 90 years old and my mother is 86. My sibblings and I are blessed to have our parents. My father happened to flipped through the channels and came upon the History channel and they were showing images of World War II. When I came into his room he was gently crying and I asked him about why he was crying. He said he saw the pictures and I imagine PTS memories came. He was in World War II and in the Korean War.
    His Army Tank Battalion participated in the liberation of the Dachau Cncentration Camp in Germany and cleared the tunnel complex tied to Hitler’s Eagles Nest. I told him that there were people out in this world who believe what Hitler did never happened!! He couldn’t understand why people would think that! He saw the many who were part of this and he remembered it. I told him many Jewish people are alive because of what you and your Army Tank Battalion did! He was very comforted to know this.
    As a Native American he is a proud veteran and is the Spiritual Leader in his Walatowa Veterans Association here in the village of Jemez Pueblo, NM. I just felt I needed to share this with you. My teacher and friend Susan MacNofsky gave me this connection. May you have a blessed day. Godspeed, Laura Fragua-Cota

  2. Hello Molly; I came across your article in my research of UNM. My son is an admitted freshman for the upcoming school year 2016-2017. We’re from Southern California and are not Jewish; however, I’m a life-long supporter of Israel and am horrified by what has been happening on campuses throughout our country. I don’t want my son to follow “victim” to the unbelievable rhetoric that is promoted by such groups like SJP. As a student of UNM, what are your thoughts of encouraging my son to go there? Thank you and good luck with your studies.

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