Register Now for the Jewish Artists Retreat in Santa Fe

What does it mean to be a Jewish artist? When Lamy-based writer and speaker Arlene Goldbard studied Parshat Terumah (Exodus 25:1-27:19), she found it to be the “proof text for my life,” explaining that “its minute, detailed description of the beautiful creations that make up the mikdash—the sanctuary—teach us that art is sacred play, that beauty and meaning can create the container for holiness.”

Goldbard is organizing a retreat for 20 artists of all disciplines—visual, performing, literary, multimedia, or participants’ own definition—who identify as Jewish. It will feature discussions; lively, interactive group study; hands-on workshops using many art forms; opportunities to collaborate; studio/solo time; and sessions focusing on participants’ own concerns and aspirations. She says her “approach is pleasure and purpose aligned: fun, stimulating, mind-opening, and meaningful at once.”

There are still a few residential spaces left at the Santa Fe Art Institute for December 3-7. Goldbard especially invites local artists who don’t need accommodation at SFAI to join the remarkable visiting artists who will take part. They include a much-honored novelist, the founder of a youth poetry organization, a composer/cantor/chorale leader, an independent curator, a ceramicist, a painter, and others from across the U.S.

More information is available at the SFAI website,, or by contacting

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