Safiya Yael Zavala-Sweet Bat Mitzvah

Hello, my name is Safiya Yael Zavala-Sweet, and I attend Congregation Nahalat Shalom. I will be celebrating my Bat Mitzvah on March 18, and have enjoyed the process of preparing for this special day in my life. For my mitzvah project, I volunteered to help with an organization called the Refugee Well Being Project where I tutored African and Iraqi children. It connected to my Torah portion, Ki Tisa because the Refugee Well Being Project serves as a sanctuary for new immigrants. Like the Israelites, they experience the challenge of coming to a new land. In my Bat Mitzvah speech, I focus on the creation and meaning of the Mishkan or Tent of Meeting. For me, it represents a place where one finds security, personal value and a spiritual connection with G-d. We all need to find these places in our lives and extends the sense of security to others.

I am a student at Tierra Adentro where we study flamenco arts. I also enjoy dancing at NDI, singing, traveling, and being with friends. I would like to thank everyone who helped me prepare for this day and would like to thank my family for their support.

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