Summer Movie Review: The Wedding Plan

By Fran Narain

As humans, we have an innate desire to be loved. This drives us to go out into the world and experience complex emotions beyond our control purely to find another who will fulfill this desire. Israeli director Rama Burshtein presents an inspirational and exotic spin on what is otherwise a familiar story.

Michal, a 32-year-old woman has finally broken free of the emotional ups and downs of dating and is set to be married very soon. All she wants is to not feel alone and to have someone to sing to her. While she and her fiancé are sampling dishes prepared for their wedding, she notices something amiss with his behavior and encourages him to explain his emotions. Her world comes crashing down as he states that he is not in love with her. After the initial shock and heartbreak, she refuses to be put down and does not want to continue another decade of dating.

Keeping the wedding plans, she is set to be married in 22 days, at the end of Chanukah. As she is trying on her wedding dress, she explains her plan to her mother and her sister much to their dismay. Everyone who knows of Michal’s intent insist she is out of her mind. Michal is stubborn though, and when her friends and family realize she is not going to change her mind, they support and encourage her. She calls up matchmakers and ends up going on several dates with some rather interesting men, but not a single one is her future husband. Those close to her become increasingly worried. As the wedding draws ever closer, Michal is even more desperate, but still continues, holding on to her faith.

This film stands apart from many other romantic comedies as it actually pulls the viewer into the story right there along with Michal. The entire audience was filled with laughter on many different occasions. The suspense pulled me to the edge of my seat, and empathy for the characters struck a chord, showing just how difficult relationships can be. The movie shows the importance of love, and most of all having faith despite the unknown.


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